Privacy Policy - Belfast

Privacy Policy - Belfast

In order to enter you into the Celerion database for consideration for this study and any future studies including the purposes outlined below, we will collect certain personal information about you, including your date of birth, contact information, and National Insurance Number.  In addition, we will collect special information about you such as your medical history.  Together this information is used to identify you, and is referred to as your Personally Identifiable Information, or PII. 

Celerion will comply with all applicable laws at all times in the collection, use, and transfer of your PII.  Your PII will be maintained in a Celerion database for a minimum of twenty-five years, and may be kept indefinitely. We will use your PII to make decisions about you, such as whether or not you are eligible to participate in this study or future studies, and the contact information you provide to us will be used to contact you about upcoming studies or to provide you information about a current study in which you are enrolled. We may share your PII with sponsors of clinical trials or other third parties who may be working Celerion on this study or future studies, including third parties that will send notifications to you on our behalf.  All sponsors and third parties will comply with all applicable laws relating to the collection, use, and transfer of your PII.  

In addition, Celerion will use and share your PII within our organization in order to carry out the uses as outlined above, which may include sharing your PII with Celerion affiliates located in other countries around the world.  As well, because Celerion’s global servers that host our databases reside in the United States, your data will be transferred out of this country and to the United States.  All Celerion affiliates will comply with all applicable laws and regulations at all times in the collection, processing, use, disclosure, and onward transfer of your PII.  For more information on how Celerion treats your personal information, please see the link on this page to the Celerion Privacy Policy at 

You may withdraw your consent from Celerion’s collection, use, and transfer of your PII at any time. If you withdraw consent, Celerion will not collect any further PII about you.  If you request that your PII be erased, the PII already gathered will be kept in Celerion’s databases where required under applicable law or regulation, including regulations with respect to clinical trial study files, however all other PII will be erased.  Any PII that cannot be erased will be used as described above.  In accordance with applicable law, you may request in writing to see or have a copy of the study data collected about you.  You have a right to request a correction to any PII about you that is not correct.   

If you have any questions or concerns about Celerion’s collection, use, or transfer of your PII or any of the information outlined here, you may contact Celerion’s Privacy Officer in writing by email at, or in hard copy at 621 Rose Street, Lincoln NE, 68502, USA.  In addition, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the applicable regulatory authority if you believe we have not complied with the requirements related to your PII.