Mission, Vision & Credo

Mission, Vision & Credo

Our Values

As much as our talented employees, cutting-edge technologies and array of services – support our vision to be the premier provider of early stage drug development solutions.

At Celerion, we rely on these values every day to meet standards of excellence and to set ever higher goals for supporting our clients in their research and development efforts and to protect the safety of our participants.

Our mission defines the fundamental purpose of our organization and the reason we all continue to work so hard – to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.


Every day our focus is to help our clients get their drugs to market, so that they touch the lives of our family, friends and people in need around the world.


To be the premier provider of early stage drug development solutions achieved through experienced leadership, the passion of our employees and a commitment to excellence.

Celerion Credo

We delight our clients through the excellence and timeliness of our work, robust partnerships and the scientific knowledge we bring to the relationship.

Our utmost concern is for the safety and well being of subjects who participate in clinical studies under our management and care.

Integrity, trust, teamwork, and respect for our colleagues enable us to build meaningful careers while providing for our family, friends and people in need.

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