What is involved in participating in a study?

Participating in a clinical study at Celerion generally requires one or more overnight stays at our clinic and may include return visits or at-home dosing. The length of each stay and number of return visits is dependent on the needs of each study. At Celerion's clinic, participants are dosed with the study medication, may have multiple blood draws, vital sign measurements, and be monitored by on-site medical staff. During free time, participants may watch movies, play games, study, read or spend time on the internet, etc.

What types of study schedules are available?

Celerion offers a variety of study opportunities. The majority of studies require overnight stays in a Celerion clinic however some studies are offered without overnight confinement. The different types of studies include:

  • Return Only - Requires no overnight stays in a Celerion clinic.
  • Weekend Schedules - Typically checks in on a Friday evening and checks out before 9:00am on Monday.
  • Weekday Schedules - Less than seven consecutive nights in a Celerion clinic and includes at least one full day of confinement between Monday and Friday.
  • Long-term Schedules - Includes a stay of seven or more consecutive nights in a Celerion clinic.

Please go to Find a Clinical Study for more information.

Where can I find out about information on upcoming studies?

A listing of all current studies can be found on the Find a Clinical Study page.  Celerion also has  Facebook and Twitter accounts that can be followed for all study opportunities.

Do I need to have a medical condition to participate in a study?

The type of studies Celerion conducts generally require healthy participants, therefore we are not looking for individuals with specific medical conditions. The research Celerion conducts is not intended to determine the effectiveness of a medication. Our studies are run to determine how a medicine impacts the body.

Celerion conducts some studies that require participants with medical conditions such as type II diabetes or asthma. To learn more about whether we are currently recruiting any patient population studies please visit Find a Clinical Study.

Are there a maximum number of studies I can participate in?

A participant is only allowed to enroll in one study at a time. Following completion of each study there is a minimum waiting period before a participant can take part in another study. The waiting period is typically 30 days (but can be 90 days) and is referred to as the "pharmaceutical wash-out" period.

How do I qualify to participate in a study?

Each study has a specific set of qualifications that need to be met in order for a participant to take part in a particular study. Here are some general participant qualifications:

  • Acceptable Address - Participants must have an acceptable address in order to participate in a study. This permanent mailing address must be registered with the postal service and be within a certain proximity of the Celerion clinic.
  • Acceptable Phone Number - Participants must have a valid direct phone number in order to take part in a study. Without a direct phone number, it is difficult to relay study information and confirm appointments. No message numbers are accepted.
  • Health Status - Participants must meet specific health criteria. In general, Celerion looks for healthy participants that are not currently taking medications and meet the study's medical safety guidelines. Celerion also conducts studies that require participants with conditions such as type II diabetes or asthma, so specific medical guidelines for these studies are developed.

What is the role of Celerion in drug development?

Regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Medical Healthcare and Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) require prescription and over-the-counter medication to be thoroughly tested. Celerion conducts clinical research on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help determine the safety and efficacy while evaluating any potential side effects of taking the medication. This ensures that these products meet established quality standards and that the public's wellbeing is protected.

What are the risks of participating in a clinical study?

The potential risks will differ in each study. During the informed consent (ICF) process at screening any potential risks of participation will be reviewed and communicated before the ICF is signed. Some risks are unknown. Medical staff is available to address any questions or concerns that participants may have.

Will I have restrictions to follow while participating in a study?

Each study will have certain restrictions that need to be followed to ensure accurate study results. The restrictions may include refraining from exercise, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, or medication use. During the screening process detailed information will be provided for any study restrictions.

Will I be sleeping in the clinic?

Many of our studies require one or more overnight stays in one of Celerion's clinical facilities. Every participant is assigned a sleeping area at check-in, and in most cases a bunk area is shared with another participant. When sharing a bunk area, roommates are assigned by gender.