Lincoln, Nebraska USA     

Celerion's clinical facility is located at 621 Rose Street, in Lincoln Nebraska.  Celerion has a long history in the Lincoln community.  The company was originally called Harris Laboratories and conducted its first clinical research study in 1969.  MDS Inc. acquired Harris Laboratories in 1996, and renamed the company MDS Harris, followed by MDS Pharma Services.  In March 2010, Celerion acquired the early stage business from MDS Pharma Services and the name was changed to Celerion.

Celerion has an additional location in Omaha, Nebraska, which provides convenient access for local participants to complete some of the study visits. The majority of studies however, require an overnight stay or return visits at the Lincoln facility.

Celerion also has a dedicated wing at BryanLGH Medical Center West in Lincoln for clinical studies.

Last year, almost 1800 participants took part in clinical research studies in Lincoln. And we continue to recruit new participants for upcoming studies. For more information on our studies visit Find a Clinical Study.

Lincoln Clinical Facility

Omaha Screening Facility