Refer-A-Friend new

As a participant in a Celerion clinical research study, you’re a Superhero.  Now’s your chance to bestow this status on one of your friends, relatives or acquaintances, and pick up a little super cash in the process.

Know someone interested in participating in a clinical study? Participate in the Celerion Refer-A-Friend Program!

Earn $200 for each qualified referral

Whether you participate in a study or not, you may still earn compensation by participating in the Refer-A-Friend Program. Here’s how…

1.     The person making the referral must have participated in studies at Celerion, or have a current participant profile with Celerion.

2.     The person referred must be a new participant and cannot have screened for a study within the last six months.

3.     The new participant must present the referring person’s name and phone number to a member of the Celerion Admissions staff at the initial study screening appointment.  The Celerion Admissions staff member will verify that the person making the referral has a current participant profile.

4.     Referral cards are available to fill out and give to new participant referrals; however referral cards are not necessary for the referral to be official.

5.     The person who referred the new study participant will receive $200 if the new participant completes the study, completes alternate status for the study, or is dropped during the study due to medical reasons.

6.     The new participant can only be referred by one person.

7.     The new participant being referred cannot be a Celerion employee.

8.     Celerion may change or discontinue this Refer-A-Friend Program without notice.